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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.


Everyday life Posted on Mon, January 20, 2020 16:08:57

On the same day but different years …

In 2018 I had to dig out our roof ladder for the chimney sweeper, from 70 cm of packed snow… This year I might invite him on a chanterelle sandwich … Hmm!

Savolax Memorial

Everyday life Posted on Fri, January 17, 2020 19:19:54

In February, is often time for the Savolax Memorial, a skiing competition in memory of the forest Finnish culture in our area. The competition is 25 km long and goes through the Danshallmyren nature reserve. Anyone who think it’s being arranged this year?

The heat continues … No winter in sight! Forced to stop work on predator tracking and start with nature reserves again. Never happened before. Weird times!

Oman and Rub al Khali

Travel Posted on Mon, January 13, 2020 23:36:52

The Arabic name Rub al Khali means “empty quarter”, and it is the world’s largest sand desert, located on the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula and encompassing southern Saudi Arabia as well as parts of Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

Last week, news came out that Qabus ibn Said, Sultan of Oman has died, 79 years old – after ruling the country since 1970. When my wife and I visited Oman in 2010, I got the impression that the Sultan was highly respected and loved by everyone I talked to. He seemed to care for the nation’s citizens and had apparently paid everyone’s debts on some occasions … (I don’t know the whole story, haven’t researched it further, think it’s such a good story that I leave it there) He has probably done much more than that, Oman has long been a safe and prosperous oasis in an otherwise quite troubled corner of the world.  

Qabus ibn Said is now succeeded by his cousin, former Minister of Culture Haitham bin Tariq Al Said. I don’t know anything about him, but he looks very friendly on the pictures available on the net. I hope and believe that he will become a wise and kind Sultan and wish this amazing country all the best for the future.

We rented a car and explored the area around Salalah, along the Indian Ocean with playful dolphins, rays and sea turtles, up the mountain towards Yemen with breathtaking views and out to the desert with sand and sand and sand.

Enjoyed the rich bird life around the oases, put on warning flashers as we stopped for passing camel caravans and tested the local cuisine. (dried camel meat rolled in dried camel fat gave the experience of fatty food a new meaning …)

With bare feet in warm sand, the desert is a breathtaking experience, especially as soon as you think of the scorpions … But it was amazing how fast the sand got cold as the sun went down. When dusk fell, several large beetles suddenly crept around us in the dunes, wondering if they were scarab beetles.

Slept under the open sky with only the blanket of the stars. (okay, you also needed a thick blanket around you, it got terribly cold). The starry sky was amazing, as everyone had said it would be in a desert far from civilization and its illumination. But must still admit that it did not differ in any remarkable way, from the one at home over our little cabin in the woods.

I froze from time to time and woke up several times during the night, followed the full moon that went up at my feet and passed over my head the last time I saw it. At dawn I was awakened by the insistent cry of a fox. Probably an Rüppell’s fox (Vulpes rueppelli) or maybe a Blanford´s fox (Vulpes cana). Both are quite small foxes with big ears, as the locals described them. Never saw it but heard the sound slowly diminish and disappear in the distance as the sun rose over the dunes.


Everyday life Posted on Fri, January 10, 2020 19:20:08

Where did winter go, anyone who has seen it?

I tried to work for a few days, but it felt pointless to slip around on icy roads. The snow melted and became heavy and wet to work in and strong winds overturned one and another tree. I took time off instead, went through paragliding equipment, repacked some rescue parachutes and dreamed about coming adventures.

A glass of red, something good to munch on, a nice program on TV and a seductive nice sofa corner … Friday night, not bad … not bad at all!

Happy weekend everyone.

Nice ending!

Everyday life Posted on Tue, December 31, 2019 13:56:08

Today, at least in Sweden, it´s time to wish each other a happy ending! I always thought it felt strange in some way to wish all friends a happy ending …but we mean the old year of course, not life in general …

The Christmas weekend offered the first skiing of the season. Lovely in every way. One must take advantage of the few opportunities offered nowadays. It has been 6 plus degrees over the past 24 hours and the forecast for the near future looks anything but wintery.

It is with some trepidation that many of us are waiting for the next decade, what weather do we have to wait for … Now we really must do everything we can to reduce the damage that we have already caused our planet, so hold on, there will probably be a bumpy ride.

2019 has been good and 2020 will probably be even better! That’s at least a good target. Hope you all have a nice ending to the year, that you enjoy the memory of all the good things that happened during the past year and that you have lots of dreams about what you want to experience in the next. I am sending you a thought tonight when I light our candle lantern.

Happy New Year 2020!

Christmas spirit

Everyday life Posted on Tue, December 24, 2019 12:49:27

For those of you who haven’t had enough of a Christmas atmosphere this weekend and happen to pass Alingsås in Sweden …

A tip, Jan Bergerlind has a fantastic exhibition at the art gallery in the Cultural Center, it runs until 11 January 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Winter solstice

Everyday life Posted on Sun, December 22, 2019 10:17:21

Today is the shortest day of the year, dark time… and I love it. And now it is turning to brighter times again, and I love it too! It’s magical with seasons and this planet and all its diversity…

Contre la lumière, mes amis!


Wolf Posted on Fri, December 20, 2019 19:28:52

Yesterday I was back to the spot where I saw and tracked a wolf last Tuesday, to see what it did after I left the place. Now I know – it tracked me down.

Clear wolf tracks were deposited in my tracks and the trail run followed on top of the tracks after the car. They were deposited in damp snow, that is, before the cold came with minus degrees ahead night.

Wolves are curious and they like to have control, so this is not the first time I have been tracked. Sometimes I wonder who is tracking who, or who is studying who. On those occasions over the years when I’ve worked near wolf packs for a long time, I actually think they have had better knowledge of me than I about them.

One afternoon after a really nice working day, I stopped the snowmobile to ease the pressure. I saw that the alpha male has marked his area on a spot, and I sprinkled a splash in the same place. I didn’t mean anything bad. Just wanted to send a greeting, two colleagues in between.

Apparently, it doesn’t work that way! He went completely crazy … When I passed the next day, snow was dug up, scattered and wolf urine glowed yellow from all snow piles. There were wolf tracks everywhere and my little puddle was thoroughly wiped out.

When I went home yesterday evening, I had to stop and take a photo. Sure, winter is a cool season!


Wolverine Posted on Wed, December 18, 2019 21:51:20

The weather has changed almost every day recently. Sun, rain and snow and temperatures from plus eight degrees down to minus twenty. This morning, the fogs lightened as the sun broke through, and it became a beautiful day with fairly fresh wolverine tracks to follow.

The temperature dropped from plus degrees down to minus eight, but it quickly became hot in the clothes as the snow depth reached to the knees and the terrain became steep and difficult. The wolverine was not particularly poop needed, so it was a few kilometers of hiking before I got hold of the DNA.

The tracks of wolverine are easily recognizable. Large in relation to body and weight, which gives them a low ground pressure on the snow. They also move in a typical way, often in three or four leaps. In three leaps as in the picture, the right hind foot falls completely or partially into the groove after the left front foot. A characteristic track line that you can recognize from a long distance.

Greeting from a big cat.

Lynx, Wolf Posted on Tue, December 17, 2019 20:37:32

A few years ago, the local wolf pack had the habit of marking their territory by peeing on our mailbox. Today it received a wet treatment again, but now from a male lynx. Sure, we are waiting for some Christmas cards, but this Christmas greeting was unexpected.

The morning was devoted to tracking the lynx around our farm. It seemed to be in search of roe deer. It jumped up on rocks to scout and crawled among dense firs to sneak. It wants its Christmas meal just like we do.

The afternoon went in the wolf’s sign. I got a brief but lovely encounter with a wolf, big and powerful in leaping through the forest. They are so beautiful now, in their thick warm winter fur.

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