The cold has finally left. 12 degrees below zero is undeniably much more comfortable than 28 …

Today’s lynx tracking was really enjoyable. Clear blue sky and sunshine on the nose, can’t get any better!

The tracking was sometimes a little complicated, I lost track when it was sneaking around among roe deer tracks. And there were loads of them! However, it didn’t seem to get any lunch so it continued up the mountain.

The snow is still too loose and the terrain was far too steep, so neither skis nor snowshoes worked. So I went on foot with snow up to my knees. And all the fir trees were full of snow that longed to visit my neck. In other words, a completely normal tracking of lynxes!

It carried higher and higher and got steeper until I had to give up. A lynx with big paws and a fit body had no problem getting up. But a Christmas fat tracker had no chance!