Wilderness feeling, I repeatedly cross tracks for both wolverine and willow grouse.

In the southern part of our county there is something more like autumn, in the north it is full winter.

I have spent the day putting up signs in our northernmost nature reserves, Päggonätto. A little extra information about the reserve and a reminder of what applies when using motor vehicles. Snowmobiles are welcome, but only along the snowmobile trail.

The highest parts of the reserve are approximately 650 meters above sea level, the view is usually breathtaking, but today it was foggy and poor visibility.

The nature reserve management field season is coming to an end. A little sad this time because it will be the last one for me, it’s time for younger talents to take over the baton. But first I have a winter season of wolf, lynx and wolverine tracking to get through. And the work with the golden eagle as a conclusion. Then it’s time for new adventures.