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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

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Golden eagle 2019

Golden eagle Posted on Mon, September 30, 2019 11:54:42

This spring I was convinced that 2019 would be a record year for the golden eagles in our area, and maybe it was, but without our knowledge…

In other parts of the country, the golden eagle breeding seems to have been successful, in some county even new record.

All the eagle pairs in our area showed signs of wanting to nest, but when we later visited the nesting sites we knew, most nest were empty. Some had collapsed during the winter but since eagles usually have alternative nesting there is rarely any problem. The problem is for us to find these nests!

Although the golden eagle is a big bird and they build very large nest, it is remarkably difficult to find them. The eagle is very discreet around the nest and an alternative nest can be located more than 5 km from another. The eagle territory in our area are often around 30 square kilometers, so there will be extensive forest areas to look through.

In our oldest golden eagle territory, which I have inventoried for 19 years, it was successful nesting this year too. It´s an old couple who often manage to breed chicks. Whether it´s been the same eagles all the time is hard to say, but I think so. They can get quite old. Our oldest eagle was probably at least 32 years old.

Often eagles only succeed in breeding every two years, but this pair often succeeds two years in a row. Here the results was the same as last year. A kid lay dead under the nest and a large and powerful one was ringed.

Later in the summer a colleague found a new alternative eagle nest and a kid so in summary, at least two eagle nesting´s succeeded this year.

New Buddy in the neighborhood.

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Sat, June 18, 2016 15:05:30

This year
seems to be a pretty bad year for the golden eagle, at least in the central
parts of Sweden. In Värmland, we have only found one successful breeding so
far, in which a fairly large and nice kid has been ringed.

In addition
to weighing and measuring, takes bird ringers now also blood sample for DNA
analysis. Here is the “Lord of the Rings” in place in the nest for sampling.

Big feet
and sharp claws, they have the resources, yet they are surprisingly calm and
kind while they are handled.

Poor meee!

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Fri, March 04, 2016 19:11:33

Now it is a
difficult time for me and my dear colleagues. Not yet finished with wolf
tracking when the golden eagle demands attention. Frustrating days comes before
us. When you track wolves, are you thinking about all the eagles who wishes to
be registered and when you are waiting for eagles that never turns out, are you
thinking about all the wolves that wish to be tracked. You are never quite

As we say
every year, it’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it!

This year’s ringing.

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Sun, June 08, 2014 19:23:21

Two new
golden eagle chicks were ringed today, will be interesting to follow them over
the next few years. The kid in the picture is about 35 days old. Think it looks
adorable on the baby blue blanket.

Christmas Greeting

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Sat, December 28, 2013 11:55:30

523B on a carrion. Photo: Sture Orrhult.

Got a Christmas message from the eagle we ringed as a juvenile
this past summer, it savored a Christmas dinner in the form of a roe-deer on
Sture Orrhults feeding place in Dalsland. (Approximately 238 km south from the
nest where it was born)

The first eagle we ringed in our county (in 2010), has
also been observed on carrion during December, but then instead in Leksand,
Dalarna. (About 125 km to the east from the birthplace.)

Of the seven eagles which we previously ringed is one
rediscovered dead and four observed on carrion, so it’s only 2 that we have not
yet received feedback on. A very good result I think.

For those who want to see more pictures or learn more
about Eagle, please follow the attached link to Sture’s site.

532B as a juvenile in the nest 2013. Photo: Börje Dahlén.

Another bad year for the Golden Eagle.

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Sun, June 16, 2013 18:25:19

We had
seven active golden eagle territory and a great spring, but got only a little
one this year. If you want to be positive about it, that is at least one more
than last year. There also seems to be the same tendency in the neighbouring
counties, few kids was born. Maybe it’s because poor prey availability.

On Friday
it was time for ringing, I hope to return with information on the eagle’s
continuing adventures in the coming winter. The eagles we previously ringed
usually show up on carrion in the neighbouring counties, where dedicated
ornithologists studying them.

One does
not like to shake hands with a golden eagle, not even with a small one, for the
sharpness and power of the claws are impressive.

Inventory of Golden Eagles 2013.

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Sun, March 03, 2013 21:54:57

This year’s
inventory of golden eagles has started in a fantastic weather. Sunshine, fresh
winds and temperatures above freezing. The very first day I managed to see two
adult eagles dive over the nest they usually use in the rough pine at the foot
of the mountain. This territory is occupied, five remain. I’ve said it before
but it is worth repeating. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

I got today
that tickling feeling of discomfort, it felt like someone was staring at me …
Discovered eventually the Hawk Owl that had sneaked up behind me. What a lovely
buddy, he kept me company all day long. It came closer and closer, hunted to
the end only a few dozen meters away from me, but then had the batteries in the
camera run out a long time ago …

draws snow showers in and it becomes gray and chilly, is considering breaking
today’s work but soon after, the clouds passed and the sun is shining again.
Spring weather! The forecast looks good for the next week, I hope that the work
continues as well as it started. Would be fun to find some new territory this
year as well.

Eagle inventory 1 april.

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Mon, April 02, 2012 09:54:22

Took some friends out this weekend, to show the fascination with eagle inventory, but I’m not sure if they understand me… Mumbled something about April 1 joke!

Golden eagle continue

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Thu, March 15, 2012 11:02:16

After eight more or less results solve days of field work is it hard with the motivation. To watch with a binoculars, hour after hour, requires a certain purposefulness.

Yes, I have seen some Golden Eagles, but they have either been too young to be sexually mature or old enough but still not inclined to play. Home range is over twenty square km large, so there is a danger that I always can be in the wrong position!

Yesterday however, I got rewarded! Sunshine, some plus degrees and strong breeze gave perfect eagle weather! (The large and relatively heavy birds need help of strong wind or thermals for reviving their play, a kind of Acro – flying)

On site at our oldest Golden eagle home range I barely get up the telescope before the two adult (sexually mature) eagles swept in over the mountain crest. Two dark coloured birds with impressive authority. We have follow them here since 2001, but they have bred in the area longer than that. Over the last 10 years they have come up with 8 fully fledged juveniles.

After a moment of circling at low altitude over pine forest go the eagles down, in top of a tree. They sit for a while in the sunlight and clean the plumage before one of them takes off again and take height. After rising several hundred meters, it suddenly, fold the wings and plunges downward, in a deep dive which shortly thereafter levels out and turns into a rise, followed by a new diving. A clear signal to other eagles that this area is occupied.

After a brief visit to a pine is the eagle back up again. It is mating season, and with its extremely sharp eye may it very well see other eagles playing in adjacent territories, too far away or otherwise hidden for my binoculars.

I could never understand where it came from, but all of a sudden, it’s another bird on the sky. Shortly thereafter, it is three Golden Eagles who tumbles around in a aerial combat! It’s both looping and tight turns before the intruder has been hunted from the area. A breathtaking show! The area eagles got so exhilarated of the event that they both began to play together. Parallel, they performing nine unusually deep dives before they fly down to the top of a rough pine and mate!

Could not be better, the territorial Golden eagles are in place and the ambition to conduct breeding as well. If the spring weather is favourable and no other facts occur, I hope to come back sometime during the month of June with a report on the number of juveniles in the nest. (Last year, they got two strong youngsters)

Inventory Golden eagle

Golden eagle, Nature Conservation Posted on Tue, February 21, 2012 18:38:31

White snow, Sunshine and a wilderness panorama… The season for inventory of Golden Eagle has begun! I know, it’s an dirty work but someone has to do it smiley

It sounds like a wonderful job to do, and I don’t complain, but hard fact is that eagles are more active when the wind is strong (very strong…) so the day become often horribly cold. To use a binoculars or a telescope hour after hour is also quite demanding.

Today I was searching for a new territory but wasn’t succeed. A lonely subadult eagle was hunting in the area for about 30 minutes, but I never found any adults. But to se a Golden eagle is always nice.

Besides the eagle the day also gave one raven and one bullfinch… Not quite the same quantity of birds that in places like Andalusia or Cuba.