This year’s
inventory of golden eagles has started in a fantastic weather. Sunshine, fresh
winds and temperatures above freezing. The very first day I managed to see two
adult eagles dive over the nest they usually use in the rough pine at the foot
of the mountain. This territory is occupied, five remain. I’ve said it before
but it is worth repeating. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

I got today
that tickling feeling of discomfort, it felt like someone was staring at me …
Discovered eventually the Hawk Owl that had sneaked up behind me. What a lovely
buddy, he kept me company all day long. It came closer and closer, hunted to
the end only a few dozen meters away from me, but then had the batteries in the
camera run out a long time ago …

draws snow showers in and it becomes gray and chilly, is considering breaking
today’s work but soon after, the clouds passed and the sun is shining again.
Spring weather! The forecast looks good for the next week, I hope that the work
continues as well as it started. Would be fun to find some new territory this
year as well.