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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.


Everyday life Posted on Mon, January 20, 2020 16:08:57

On the same day but different years …

In 2018 I had to dig out our roof ladder for the chimney sweeper, from 70 cm of packed snow… This year I might invite him on a chanterelle sandwich … Hmm!

Savolax Memorial

Everyday life Posted on Fri, January 17, 2020 19:19:54

In February, is often time for the Savolax Memorial, a skiing competition in memory of the forest Finnish culture in our area. The competition is 25 km long and goes through the Danshallmyren nature reserve. Anyone who think it’s being arranged this year?

The heat continues … No winter in sight! Forced to stop work on predator tracking and start with nature reserves again. Never happened before. Weird times!


Everyday life Posted on Fri, January 10, 2020 19:20:08

Where did winter go, anyone who has seen it?

I tried to work for a few days, but it felt pointless to slip around on icy roads. The snow melted and became heavy and wet to work in and strong winds overturned one and another tree. I took time off instead, went through paragliding equipment, repacked some rescue parachutes and dreamed about coming adventures.

A glass of red, something good to munch on, a nice program on TV and a seductive nice sofa corner … Friday night, not bad … not bad at all!

Happy weekend everyone.

Nice ending!

Everyday life Posted on Tue, December 31, 2019 13:56:08

Today, at least in Sweden, it´s time to wish each other a happy ending! I always thought it felt strange in some way to wish all friends a happy ending …but we mean the old year of course, not life in general …

The Christmas weekend offered the first skiing of the season. Lovely in every way. One must take advantage of the few opportunities offered nowadays. It has been 6 plus degrees over the past 24 hours and the forecast for the near future looks anything but wintery.

It is with some trepidation that many of us are waiting for the next decade, what weather do we have to wait for … Now we really must do everything we can to reduce the damage that we have already caused our planet, so hold on, there will probably be a bumpy ride.

2019 has been good and 2020 will probably be even better! That’s at least a good target. Hope you all have a nice ending to the year, that you enjoy the memory of all the good things that happened during the past year and that you have lots of dreams about what you want to experience in the next. I am sending you a thought tonight when I light our candle lantern.

Happy New Year 2020!

Christmas spirit

Everyday life Posted on Tue, December 24, 2019 12:49:27

For those of you who haven’t had enough of a Christmas atmosphere this weekend and happen to pass Alingsås in Sweden …

A tip, Jan Bergerlind has a fantastic exhibition at the art gallery in the Cultural Center, it runs until 11 January 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Winter solstice

Everyday life Posted on Sun, December 22, 2019 10:17:21

Today is the shortest day of the year, dark time… and I love it. And now it is turning to brighter times again, and I love it too! It’s magical with seasons and this planet and all its diversity…

Contre la lumière, mes amis!

Our little tiger

Everyday life, Lynx Posted on Fri, December 06, 2019 17:14:22

Today it was time for tracking lynx. A female and her kid up on the mountain we see through our kitchen window. Lovely!

Plus degrees and the snow is wet so the tracks are impressive big.

The big tracks of mother lynx to the left of the tree, the smaller ones from the kid to the right.

The kid plays a lot with his mother. I find jumps up to five meters long! But after play is often time for rest, the tracks show that they both sat together and enjoyed the view.

Happy weekend to you all!

Kockohonka territory

Everyday life, Wolf Posted on Wed, December 04, 2019 21:53:11

Snow and cold are back and the search for tracks from predators continues. No tracks of lynx yet, but a nice sight of two adult golden eagles eating on a dead capercaillie yesterday. And some good wolf tracking today.

Beautiful as a postcard, the snow depth still allows you to use a car, at least if it´s tall and a four-wheel drive. Driving is demanding, you don’t want to get stuck. It is very far to the nearest tow truck …

The waterways start to freeze again. Ice sculptures in a water world where the neck is king and otters his companions.

Tracking two wolves that go together, markings indicate that they are a pair. Collects several DNA samples. More work remains to be done before we know what it looks like in this territory this winter.

Today’s tracking ends when the crescent moon rises above the fir tops. It has been a good day!

December darkness.

Everyday life Posted on Mon, December 02, 2019 20:47:55

First advent yesterday. Premiere for gingerbread, almonds, raisins and mulled wine. Now is the time to enjoy the darkness!

Advent lighting is installed on our oldest log cabin. Paper stars and Advent candlesticks in windows and on tables, the scent of candles lasting until Christmas. Enjoy the atmosphere during the darkest time of the year. It’s the best time for reflection, good books, blankets and sofa corners!

Working week

Everyday life, Nature Conservation Posted on Sun, November 03, 2019 15:06:53

The metrologists have threatened with lots of snow, but the week has been pleasant with a good temperature, brilliant sunshine and fantastic mornings. It started with work in the county’s northernmost nature reserve and ended with a day off in one of the southernmost.

In a fantastic autumn weather, we wandered around the Päggonätto nature reserve and placed signs to try to curb unauthorized motor vehicle traffic on the marshes. Päggonätto is 620 hectares, so it takes a while to walk around it with heavy signs, iron skewers and sledgehammer.

The week also offered some work with chainsaw. We felled contorta pine in one reserve and cleared the boundary in another.

We saw several moose during the week and had a nice sight of a golden eagle over one of the marshes in Päggonätto. We also saw some northern bird species such as Snow bunting, Bohemian waxwing, Pine grosbeak and Siberian jay. The highlight was nevertheless a brief but fine observation of two wolves. It was in an area that has long been empty on wolves, now it’s just that they manage to avoid the poachers this winter.

The week ended with a free day devoted to bird watching and a visit to Dyrön, one of our county’s southernmost nature reserves. Lovely hike in a different kind of pine forest than we are used to. Observation of a white-tailed eagle instead of a golden eagle, red deer instead of moose and a red fox instead of wolf. But that’s fine too!

The northern bird species were represented by a large group of Smew that hunted together.

The nature reserve ends out in Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake, an inland sea with a lot of coastal feeling. A completely different landscape than we have in the northern part of the county.

The lake is the largest lake in the EU, third largest in Europe, after Ladoga and Onega, and in 26th place in the world.

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