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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.

Magical Moonlight!

Everyday life Posted on Sat, January 27, 2024 17:30

Full moon and fresh snow, an unbeatable combination!

I tried taking a picture with the phone in the low light, it worked!

When the snowfall subsided and the full moon cast an almost fairytale light over our yard, we went outside for a while to listen for owls. We heard nothing. The night was silent, completely silent. When there is no wind and the forest is embedded in a thick blanket of fresh snow, all sounds are muffled. After a while, the sound of your own bloodstream becomes almost like a rushing river.

It has been a fantastic winter so far. Plenty of snow and mostly sub-zero temperatures. Down to 30-35 minus degrees in our area, that’s enough, more is not needed. There have been more aurora nights than usual, but tonight it was only the stars watching over us.

Garden dreams, so far far away, even if the garlic rests there under the snow. It will be at least another two and a half months before the croaking of the frogs is heard from the garden pond.

Warm light from our kitchen window finds its way out to the bird feeder.

At the bird feeding it´s quiet, even though the restaurant is open around the clock. During the day, about ten species of birds gather for food. Roe deer also visits sometimes to taste the sunflower seeds. The neighbor’s cat drops by to perhaps taste a mouse or vole. Sometimes even a bird unfortunately.

Even a forest marten has taken a liking to our tavern. It took the container, which contained 8 fat tallow balls, and disappeared into the forest. Will see if I manage to find the container this spring when the snow has melted away.

Winter solstice

Everyday life Posted on Thu, December 22, 2022 09:41

Now it won’t get any darker. Slowly but surely the days will get longer, the light stronger and hope will return.

Right now, nature around us is moving at a delightfully quiet pace. The birdsong is low-key, sporadic, only occasional beeps or chirps or some lone raven gossiping about nothing.

The trees sleep and plants rest before the next growing season, when the splendor of color and the buzz of insects will once again paint the landscape with abundant brushstrokes. A busy time. Wonderful but demanding.

It has turned, it is on its way, but there is still time for reflection. To enjoy stillness, silence and all the little wonders we have around us. Beauty painted with snow. Intricate patterns, shades of color and promises of yet undiscovered adventures.


Everyday life Posted on Mon, August 15, 2022 17:16

Silflay is feeding time, or to be more precise, “to eat outdoors” in Lapine, the language the rabbits speak!

For the past few weeks, a arctic hare has been eating breakfast in our garden. We call it “our little gardener” because it takes care of our raspberries and cuts our grass. So far it hasn’t touched any vegetables, but it thinks cornflowers are really tasty!

This arctic hare is unusually fearless. We can do our gardening without disturbing it, when we make small talk with it it looks at us for a moment, as if considering a response, but instead continues to eat, it seems to have a higher priority.

My thoughts go to Watership Down, the wonderful novel that Richard Adams wrote and published in 1972. Considered by many literary experts as one of the world’s 100 best books. I read it in the seventies and loved it. The story of Hazel, Fiver and the other rabbits in a colony whose meadows, their whole world, are threatened by human progress and who set out to find a new home for the colony.

If you haven’t read the book (but you should…) you may have seen the movie. Where the theme song, Bright Eyes is sung by Art Garfunkel.

In the time we live in now, the story feels awfully topical. We are the rabbits on the run and at the same time the man who threatens all living things on the only planet we have… How and where will we find our thriving meadows.

Restaurant oiseau heureux

Everyday life Posted on Tue, October 20, 2020 16:01

Restaurant happy bird has opened for the season. Free buffet, no corona restrictions and perfectly timed, the snow is pouring down today.

Autumnal equinox

Everyday life Posted on Wed, September 23, 2020 20:59

Yesterday was the autumn equinox, now it will be shorter days and longer nights all the way to Christmas time! Isn’t that lovely, so say…

Strong wind gusts are not suitable for paragliding, took the kayak for a ride instead. The color palette is increasing every day, autumn is a fantastic season in its own way.

In the garden, most flowers have withered, but in our spice garden, there are urgent times for the insects that are still left. The bumblebees that live in the wall of our cabin still collect pollen and even some butterfly as soon as the sun appears for a while.

It has been a nice summer with lush greenery and lots of flowers. All sorts of insects, birds and animals have lived in our garden and in our outbuildings. I have been forced to round two large bumblebee nests with the lawnmower and talk gently with a gray flycatcher on top of the kitchen window.

And the taste from a good berry season will be there until next summer.


Bear, Everyday life, Kayak Posted on Mon, August 24, 2020 21:00

Had a nice kayak trip yesterday afternoon. Quiet and calm. Air traffic is still so low that you think about it when a plane pass. The pandemic is still gripping the world.

Some people in densely populated cities, where air pollution has long obscured the night sky, have now been able to enjoy the stars for a while. It is unbelievable that we have experienced such a brutal shutdown of our consumption-hungry civilization. Imagine if humanity would be wise enough to take the chance, when the pandemic allows, and start up our business again in a somewhat fairer and more ecologically sustainable way…

The thoughts wander in step with the paddle strokes. Rhythmic, thoughtful. Curious when rounding a headland, something new and exciting may be waiting or something bad, as rubbish from our way of life…

Bear hunting is going on in our area. They injured a male bear last Friday, shot in the jaw, teeth collected for DNA analysis … police urge caution, no one should use the hiking trail that runs through the area. The bear is injured, aggressive, dangerous. They tried to find it over the weekend but failed.

The bear hunt has continued today. The injured bear has not been found but another male bear has been killed. One bear remains to be slaughtered according to this year’s license for our county. I suppose … The injured bear is reasonably counted as one of three to whom the license applies. But I am not sure, just guessing, I have no knowledge of what applies.

Nature is already quieter; many bird species are already heading south. The nights get longer and the cold approaches. The calmness slowly descends over us when the season change is underway again. Lovely!

Summer 2020.

Everyday life Posted on Tue, July 14, 2020 12:12

70 km of hiking trails are prepared for visitors, most birdhouses are in place, only one habitat with long-bearded lichen left to inventory and the work with mowing and haymaking has just begun. The work is going according to plan, the only thing missing now is inspiration for the blog …

I slip away for a few more days and let Greta say a few wise words instead. For those of you who are not Swedish-speaking and who missed her summer talk on the radio, it is now also available in an English-language version. Sit back, listen, and contemplate.

…I apparently fail to embed Greta, try this link instead:


Everyday life, Golden eagle, Kayak, Nature Conservation Posted on Mon, June 15, 2020 09:40

My internet service provider decided to turn off the copper wire network at the end of the month before they had completed the fiber connection … so now we are many loyal customers who are slightly irritated. (The fiber connection should be ready this autumn, but we have heard that for several years now!) After some calls to the support and some less successful solutions, I have now switched to another company. And a few seconds later – woops, a well-functioning internet via 4G.

Summer is here, great! First kayaking trip completed. If paragliding is freedom in the sky, then kayaking is freedom at sea. Both are refined nature experiences, subtle silence, and freedom to be where rarely others are. You move quietly and show up unexpectedly, which is why it is important to respect the home peace zone for both humans, animals, and breeding birds.

When we are free from our work with nature reserves, we like to visit other nature reserves … Okay, a little geeky maybe, but it is relaxing and interesting to visit other types of nature than the ones we find on a daily basis. Last time we visited Gullrosas Berg (Mountain). Gullrosa is a traditional name for a cow, and according to legend, a cow of that name should have crashed and died in the ravines that run across the mountain plateau and the reserve. Nowadays there are no grazing cows in the area, it is exclusively a nature reserve and outdoor area.

Cloudberry flowers and common cottongrass shone white on the marshes. Atmospheric, hope for good berry season this year.

The varied forest and beautiful views made the visit pleasant. A nice reserve that we would love to visit again. We walked the “tough” trail with a little steeper section, the family trail may be next time.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you that we were ringing this year’s new golden eagle kids this week. In one of the nests, which I could not see into but had only heard one kid, there turned out to be two. Both in good health. Lovely! Three kids ringed total.

Flowery hiking trail

Everyday life, Nature Conservation Posted on Wed, May 06, 2020 21:08

In a blossoming sea and with a sky of birdsong, our work continues to clear hiking trails in the nature reserves.

It’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it…

Wood anemone, common hepatica and alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage will be our floor throughout the day’s work in Gultberget nature reserve.

Common wood sorrel, Oxalis acetosella, with fresh sour taste, covers the ground between coarse spruces and has also found a sanctuary in the crevice between two tree trunks.

Moose horn

Everyday life Posted on Mon, May 04, 2020 15:12

During December – February the moose bulls lose their horns, when the snow disappears in the spring you can find really nice ones if you are lucky. Large and heavy horns are usually not too far apart but can still be difficult to find.

I try to let go the horns now, as there have been quite a few over the years … Really try! But suddenly there is an extra nice horn … and I just cannot help it. Heavy to carry but home it should!

Proud as a schoolboy, the treasure is later shown to my wife, who, with ill-concealed sarcasm, asks what I intend to do with the horn … And damn, I have never come up with any good answer!

If you are an insect nerd, you might enjoy studying a Red-breasted Carrion Beetle that looks for food on the horn.

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