No more comment on the weather, there is, say no more …

Continues searching for tracks from lynx, wolverine and wolf. The conditions are difficult, along the same gravel road the surface varies between bare ground, ice or snow cover so deep that I am forced to give up and turn! Spring fungus thrives, small birds sing, the black grouse are in full swing and even a capercaillie rooster played at the top of a pine tree.

Found some weird mushrooms in a spruce forest. Witches cauldron (Sarcosoma globosum), also known as the Charred-Pancake Cup is a near-threatened fungus native to Nothern Europe.

The winds looked promising, so I took a day off and traveled to Ålleberg, a legendary mountain for aviation sports in Sweden. There has been schooled in glider since the beginning of the twentieth century. There is a nice glider museum and a lovely flying spirit.

The winds were weaker than expected, but some small flights were still included during the day. We were some paragliders, some delta wings and a bunch of older men with radio-controlled gliders. It was a pleasant and rewarding day with other aviation enthusiasts, and not least, a day with useful basic handling of the paraglider.

Unfortunately, the landing site was quite wet and muddy, so there was some after-work that night. The equipment must be cleaned and dried.

… The week ended with a little wolf tracking and a wolf poop, so it was a pretty good week anyway.

Poo = DNA = successful work