Now that the roar of rally cars has been silenced, the fireworks have gone out and thousands of visitors have left my workplace, everything is calm and enjoyable again. The roads around Nyckelvattnet, which I regularly patrol, were a new route for Swedish rally this year. There is no doubt that they drove the route faster than I usually do, but I am also quite sure that I see more animal tracks than they do. It’s a matter of priority! ?

It is an amazing time we have ahead of us, and I do not want to miss a day out of it, but still, you and I are probably beginning to long for hot summer days. Traveling and staying in nature becomes so easy then. – just wait until the stinging insects awaken, then it becomes a different tune! Okay, I know, but it doesn’t help. Blue sky, small fluffy clouds, strawberries and whipped cream … Outstanding!

Or relaxing days in midsummer time with bird song and bumblebees buzzing.

Aaaah, just dream, it’s coming soon. It should only rain a little first, and snow, and blow, and rain and …