Yesterday was the autumn equinox, now it will be shorter days and longer nights all the way to Christmas time! Isn’t that lovely, so say…

Strong wind gusts are not suitable for paragliding, took the kayak for a ride instead. The color palette is increasing every day, autumn is a fantastic season in its own way.

In the garden, most flowers have withered, but in our spice garden, there are urgent times for the insects that are still left. The bumblebees that live in the wall of our cabin still collect pollen and even some butterfly as soon as the sun appears for a while.

It has been a nice summer with lush greenery and lots of flowers. All sorts of insects, birds and animals have lived in our garden and in our outbuildings. I have been forced to round two large bumblebee nests with the lawnmower and talk gently with a gray flycatcher on top of the kitchen window.

And the taste from a good berry season will be there until next summer.