Live in the present, do not wait until tomorrow; pick the roses of life today… (Pierre de Ronsard)

We are too tired after the day’s experiences at Coupe Icare in Saint Hilaire du Touvet and not hungry enough for a restaurant visit. A pizza slice, a ripe tomato from the neighborhood shop and cold beer in a plastic mug. A happy ending to an inspiring day.

The evening is lukewarm, weak winds play along Rue Gabriel Peri; we are at our favorite hotel in Grenoble. Sometimes the laughter rises from the outdoor seating where the regulars gather, the black cat with harness and leash catches the attention for a while, everyone wants to cuddle.

The moon strokes along the eaves, a dove chirping in his sleep. Life is good! We pick a rose and fall asleep to the suggestive sounds of street life through the half-open window.