We have a
beautiful winter, enough cold and just enough with snow so far. Have long been
able to trudge in snow when I track wolves, especially in dense forests, but
now the snow depth is starting to become troublesome, so skis become a better

It is a
pleasure to work in harmony with the seasons, where light and weather control
the work. Being almost daily in nature, in good weather or in bad, is a
privilege. It really makes you feel present in the moment, in life.

feels on the skin; the light feels in the soul. All the senses interact.
Fragrance in winter is usually subtle, perhaps just as a clue about an
approaching snowfall. The taste of hot broth, on the other hand, is highly
evident, it gives pure joy to a cold and tired body. In the extension of the
wolf tracks, ravens are heard from a distance, a life has ended as food for

evenings lately have been seductively beautiful. Ending a successful working
day is pure euphoria, if it happens to the sound of rustling skis and in the
direction straight into the sunset.