It was midsummer.
We ate our herring with new potatoes, chives, sour cream and everything else
related to the weekend. We enjoyed cold beer and schnapps. Then swoosh, the
autumn was here! What the heck happened?

I remember that
long beard lichen was inventoried, and we actually found a new location, which
is quite unusual. That was nice.

And I know
that the haymaking was good, we had perfect weather throughout the mowing
season. (I forgot to photograph this year, the picture is from 2015.) Do not
worry if you forgot the knife to the snack bread, it goes equally well with a

It was a
great summer for strawberries, flower meadows, butterflies – and gnats. I
remember them very well! Gnats and other biting insects are really a plague
during work in the forest during the summer, as terrible as butterflies are
gorgeous. The biting should I forget but the memory of the butterflies is to be
cherished and enjoyed on cold winter days. I had the most, nearly a hundred
butterflies swarming along the spice garden, where I sat and tried to think
wise thoughts.

We have had
the first frost, the leaves have begun to change color but the heat persists.
It’s still summer warm during some days. Perhaps it will be a long and warm
autumn, which in recent years. Beautiful, but it can easily become too much of
a good thing, both nature and wildlife trackers have to get a real winter to
feel good. But why be in a hurry! We enjoy autumn’s high and clear air, the
rich scents of everything that has matured, melancholy strophes from migratory
birds and heat as long as it is offered. Have a nice autumn everybody, enjoy