Solstice, now it turns slowly towards brighter times. Beautiful, although I do
not mind the dark time that prevails around the Christmas holidays. It is cozy.
It provides a moment of rest before the long bright days that come forward in
spring, when there is so infinitely much to experience and get done.

this day spent on snow-covered ground, often with wolf tracking, but not this
year. Here is rain, harsh winds and several degrees above zero! Santa Claus
should put boots on the reindeer and count with the spring thaw this time.

As late as
the middle of last week, it was 16 degrees below zero and frost throughout the
province. No basis for comprehensive wolf tracking but beautiful to enjoy.
When it
switches so rapidly between hot and cold weather, lingonberry leaves and
blueberry bushes becomes small sculptures of frost and ice crystals in moist

The wife
and I had a perfectly timed lunch break at work on Wednesday last week. We had
just filled our cups with hot chocolate when an otter came scampering on the
ice along a small forest river. It stopped suddenly to mark territory against a
tuft of grass and then continued downstream to the open water. What a perfect
restaurant for lunch! It is rare to get such an experience on the Mac Donald