The mole has not an easy life! It lives in a world that is dark, damp and generally uninspiring. The view is limited to non-existent. Moreover, it has always soil or sand in the mouth, in the hair, in the pockets or in the underwear. In short, everywhere where you don´t want such things should exist!

On Monday, we discovered that our water pump lived his own life and realized that there was a water leak on our property, about 2 meters into the ground, somewhere along a stretch of a few hundred meters. Wonderful! That is just what you want to know when a long winter is at the door, with snow, frost and many degrees below zero.

For a week we have dug ourselves down in all places where we suspect that the fault can be found. Dug, examined and shoveled again. Many pits it becomes…

Last night we finally got the reward. A few meters in under the barn concrete floor, we found a small fountain that would not be there! Now it´s fixed. Just shoveling back the last holes then everything is back to normal again, for us… but for the mole life goes on as before. Poor devil!