The weather has changed almost every day recently. Sun, rain and snow and temperatures from plus eight degrees down to minus twenty. This morning, the fogs lightened as the sun broke through, and it became a beautiful day with fairly fresh wolverine tracks to follow.

The temperature dropped from plus degrees down to minus eight, but it quickly became hot in the clothes as the snow depth reached to the knees and the terrain became steep and difficult. The wolverine was not particularly poop needed, so it was a few kilometers of hiking before I got hold of the DNA.

The tracks of wolverine are easily recognizable. Large in relation to body and weight, which gives them a low ground pressure on the snow. They also move in a typical way, often in three or four leaps. In three leaps as in the picture, the right hind foot falls completely or partially into the groove after the left front foot. A characteristic track line that you can recognize from a long distance.