Gray weather, plus degrees, wet heavy snow. I track winter’s first wolves today. A couple marking their territory. A new couple? Maybe, DNA samples will hopefully provide answers.

The forest is quiet, only a few ravens shout in the distance. Snow melting in recent days makes tracking difficult. Rivers and streams are large and difficult to pass, it does not hinder the wolves, they are not afraid of water, but I must take long detours.

Wet, wet, wet. Steps on through woods and over marshes. Hope to find droppings for dna samples but find none today. Better luck tomorrow, as I continue backwards in the wolves’ tracks. If they have eaten, they have probably also made number two.

The days are short now. Dusk is already falling and it’s time to get back to the car. Breaking for the day becomes natural when the tracks suddenly come from thin ice. It has worn them, but I am not going to try if it also carries me …