morning in the tracks of two wolves that made a short visit to the village,
frightened a horse to panic, and created hot topic to discuss while visiting
the villages only general store. I follow the tracks down to the lake, where
the wolves have been hunting roe deer in the grove surrounding the changing
cabin, at the local beach.

Then we
returned to the mountains. Raven calls out, there is a moose killed by wolves
somewhere in the dense forest around me, but I find it not. The tracks carry on
and I follow, always looking for pee and poo. (DNA – samples that hopefully
makes tracking valuable for our work)

Lunch on a
stump with a view of the landscape, sunshine and a few degrees, it starts to
feel like spring already. A black tit singing eagerly from the top of a fir tree,
as a non-lubricated sewing machine “, sittju-sittju-sittju-sittju”.

The light
begins to return, working days become longer. At dusk, another wolf pair
walking along a river, sometimes eerily close to the fragile ice edge. You need to be vigilant, but it is also part
of the job, to assess the risks related to different types of terrain and

I found
both pee and poo during the tracking. It was a good day.