Hello fluff brain, I´m here!

I got some
quality time with our local wolf pack yesterday. Lovely! It is important to
take the opportunity, in early January begins the hunt and this flock is one of
four that will be pushed away.

I track at
least 5 wolves, one set of parents and their puppies. There is much playing along
the tracks. (We always track in the reverse direction, to see what they have
done in recent days) My job right now is to collect samples of urine and
droppings for DNA analysis, it is important that the hunt takes place at the
right individuals because we have high inbreeding in our wolf population.

First, I
discover a wolf tail wagging, it pops up occasionally between some small trees,
a moment later, I see the whole wolf. It is a young wolf hunting voles. It is
so preoccupied with the pursuit that it does not notice my presence. (Youth, parents
free and out on their own adventure)

wonderful to observe nature at close range, get to fuse with the surroundings,
become a stump for a few hours, just to be a moment in time. Wolf concludes his
hunting, studying the surroundings, vents in the attic, rest for a while,
walking around and seem bored, eat a little bit of a moose calf that flock
killed two days ago. (Moose cow is still attracting it, I hear her several
times during the day)

It is not until the wolf leave the place and trudge off
through the woods that I dare to move. Infinite frozen with aching joints, it
was 13 degrees below zero yesterday, but happy. I like wolves.