It’s hard
to keep blogging when spring and early summer rush by! Here is a summary of the
month May.

May 7, It´s
snowing profusely over our cottage, for the final time this spring.

For many
years we have passed the signs to nature reserves we would like to visit. This
year, it was finally off.

bokskog is a small sanctuary at the east shore of Lake Vänern, just south of
Sjövik. A fantastic beech forest where forest doves and songbirds competed for
the sound space.

Bodane is another sanctuary, located on the western shore of Lake Vänern. An
entirely different habitat than Surö. Vänern is our country’s largest lake, an
inland sea, and here you will truly experience the sea feeling.

When we 14
May built fireplaces in the nature reserve Knappnäs, at river Klarälven, had
almost all the snow melted from the ski pistes in Branäs.

Winter was
hard for the reserve located in height, it has meant a lot of extra work this
spring when the trails will be cleared. The chainsaw has been hot!

Sure, it
was better like this!

A small
inspector followed with interest my wife’s work with painting orange Trail
Markings. (Mom hawk owl was not as thrilled, but she attacked luckily not)