with the Golden Eagle is usually associated with observations at very long
distances, only rarely am I close enough to photograph, but this year came one
of the Eagles to me to check the situation. It hung over me for a good while,
willing to be photographed. I finally got paid for all these days of cold and
long wait that otherwise characterizes the fieldwork.

Some days
this year has been quite unique! As on March 24, when I spent more than 15
minutes following a young wolf who
hunted Canada geese on a lake ice in Norway. (I take the road on the Norwegian
side of the border sometimes, when our gravel roads are too bad because of the
spring thaw)

Then, to
track a wolverine, where I really would watch for Golden Eagle …

… But
after a while, also found bear tracks, which I traced back to the bear’s den
where it remained during the winter.

Such days
are inspiring!