paddle premiere, late in the year but unforgettable. To paddle in the moonlight
is an experience that we enjoy too infrequently, it often goes years between.

Aunt and I
set course across flat calm water when the full moon rose over Rowan Hill.
Darkness fell quickly as it does this time of year, it was chilly and mist rose
from the slightly warmer water. The moonlight painted the tracks of our journey
in silver. It was magical.

carries well over water and get another character in the dark. A distant diesel
engine who struggling in
an uphill, a grey heron that
scream out his dissatisfaction when we probably raise it from its rest, geese
chatting from the beach and the calm evocative sound of the paddle, leaving the

Fog veils
thickened and for a moment, we thought that the Black Pearl coming towards us,
but it was probably just a small island, we believe …