starts to calm down now, the days are getting shorter and the evenings are
embedded in the dark. Cosy! The scent of candles, small fire in the stove, good
book to read curled up on the sofa’s favourite corner. Cosy, cosy, cosy!

silence as the birds disappear south, flocks of thrushes pass under excitedly
chatter and melancholy whistles, plows of cranes, replacing the wilderness
against Spanish olive groves. A tawny owl who shouts at night. It’s not bad,
all seasons have their charm.

I Took a
quick tour to Kvismaren, a legendary bird locality that I managed to miss all
these years, and got to see the egret heron, quite unusual in Sweden, three
together, even rarer. Lovely! Moreover, within the reach of a close-up because
I dragged with me the big camera with the big lens! Amazingly, something must
be wrong …

indeed, the error came on heavy wings! I could not get the camera out of the
bag until the cursed sea eagle swooped down over the bird lake. Thousands of
ducks, geese, grey herons and three white egret herons took off in wild panic.

I have a
good friend who works with sea eagles, why does he do that? They’re big, ugly,
fat dumb and most likely innately evil. My egret herons spent the rest of the
day far away from me and my camera, I had to photograph cows and red leaves
instead. It is one hell of being a nature photographer when that damn
scavengers are nearby. (just kidding!)