Friday, a
work week is coming to its end. Up 5:00, securely with porridge for breakfast,
then one and a half hour’s drive to the current nature reserve.

30 kg larch
timber must first be worn about 2 km in steep and rugged terrain, and then it
will be operating a chain saw rest of the day. Wonderful, never bored at work!

Was joined
for a while by a hunting dog, it’s elk hunt going on, but it seemed more
interested in our backpacks (where lunch sandwiches loomed) than moose!

Fought on
trying to finish a sanctuary boundary before the weekend, and managed even
though it was late. 17:30 was 27 kg packing ready to go home with a few more km
crappy terrain, and one and a half hour’s drive, predominantly along poor dirt
roads. I did not have trouble falling asleep last night.

moments I feel like I’m too old for this shit … But it is often forgotten the
very next morning. 😉