with animals and nature can sometimes be challenging. I have struggled with
both roe deer and wolves, been hit, chewed on, chased and yelled at but never
so dishonest treated as from an Ural owl!

Although I
immediately heeded the warning, the loud snapping beak, and quickly removed
myself from the settlement I was beaten! I did not have to take many steps
before the battering ram hit me. The cap flew about five feet while I fell
forward with several stinging bloody streaks across the scalp. If it had been a
tourist, or a curious senior citizen … But me! At work, on official business!

When I
finally caught sight of the evildoer, I was pissed. It looked completely
unaware and protested it’s innocence. Who, me? I’m just a sweet little owl …

It’s right
now they have kids and can be extra grumpy. Be careful out there!

Vimyren Nature Reserve 2005-05-28