Some dances
with wolves while others run with bears … I know it sounds crazy, but
sometimes you don’t have time to think. It was the first time I saw a wild
unmarked bear, it was dusk and it suddenly ran in front of the car along a
forest road. I panic braked, grabbed the camera, rushed out of the car and ran
after the bear into the woods.

It was
magical. I ran like a madman and found to my delight that I actually
approached. It was then that the bear stopped and looked at me. I don’t know
if it was my imagination or if the evening light played tricks on me, but I got
a very clear message.

– Read my
lips: what the hell are you doing? Have you really thought this through? And I
must admit that I had not … The bear went on the crust of snow while I sank
to the groin… my chances to run away from him if he would like to take a taste
of me, would be non-existent so I wished him a really nice blueberry season and
returned to the car, happy to be a bewildering experience richer.