The days
are getting longer and the light changes, we begin to hope for an approaching
spring. Although sound changes. You hear woodpeckers drumming, birds singing
and it ripples from melting snow. Everything is still quite tentative, we will
experience many setbacks yet, but you start to actually believe that it will be
a spring and summer also this year.

It is
sometimes discussed whether nature has an economic value, if one can put a
price tag on everything that we have free around us … I have previously
hesitated but now realize that it is actually true! Pygmy Owl has patrolled at
the bird table most every day last week and thus succeeded in reducing the
consumption of sunflower seed very significantly, has probably earned several
hundred crowns. Would not be surprised if the market value lands on a sack of
sunflower seeds per owl and winter smiley

Silence has
become a scarce commodity, something that is considered worthy of protection in
several of our nature reserves. An opportunity to experience the outdoor
recreation without bellowing engines around. Sound Image has changed radically
in recent years, we know, we who are dealing with audio recording. Hardly has a
jet passed until the next is on time, or snowmobile, or car, or … Tried to
record a whistling pygmy owl, it did not get better than this! (Sorry for all
the crappy sound in the background)